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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Introducing the Kitchen Queens, part deux

Mo on Tai

Cool chick turns out to be just as big a foody as I am and maybe even more so! Yes we sat in the same Latin class and yes we weren’t in the same crowd but after a school trip to Poland I discovered that Tai had a taste for good eating too....

Not having much faith in the “haute cuisine” on a polish school trip I had stoked my bag with nice eatables. Not the mars bars and chips you would expect from a teenager away from home but an assortment of noodles, biscuits and a hot water boiler( sounds quite nerdy which it was!). But as we all unpacked I noticed I was not the only one. Tai too had a well stoked goody bag with weird and wonderful sweets juices and snacks!Till then I had only known her as the cool chick with the great fashion sense and the gift of the gab when it came to negotiations with teachers etc. Tai can be quite the tigress!

But after graduation, as we all slowly lost contact with our classmates, Tai and I slowly found each other. A few drinks (like tequila), diners (including indulging Christmas feasts), and few picnics (sherry, serrano and sun) have made us great friends. Dining with Tai is always a feast, and just when you think you’re done there’s always a surprise! So don’t forget to check the oven as she is real dough diva!!!

Now we plan to share our beating, eating, shaking and baking with the whole world wide web. Making people to want to lick their screen. Good eats and how to make em!


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