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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Introducing the Kitchen Queens

Tai on Mo

Year: 1995
It was during Latin class that this girl had brought some home baked goods for our teacher. Although we attended the same high school, we didn’t hang out much. Didn’t love her, didn’t hate her, but bringing a cake along to school for Mrs. Roozen was really kind of weird. But hey, there were other, seriously annoying people in my class to worry about. I thought this girl was just a bit nutty, just like the cake she made. And that was that. I thought.

Year: 2005
Nutty girl and I are starting our own, shared foodblog. Now, how did that happen??? Didn’t see that coming, huh?

Well, in short it takes a fun graduation year and a lot of drinks to build a new friendship. Our friendship has been lasting for about eight years now, and it was during this friendship that we discovered a mutual interest: food! We love to read and talk about it, shop for it, cook it and eat it. And so we will! To end this bio on KQ Mo: is she really that nutty? No. Just a bit kooky. Or should I say ‘cooky’? ;)


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