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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Cookbooks galore

Spiceblog gave us the the courage to come clean with ourselves and finally admit that we are, yes indeed, cookbook addicts too.

Here we go with some pics of KQ Tai's collection...

Mind you: this is just small part, because cookbooks tend to wander around my house one way or the other. And don't get me started on the paper-mountain of magazines I have....I want to get them bundled someday!

1. Rationale behind what we're seeing? These books are piled up high on top of a cabin in my kitchen. To stack them in three piles has noting to do with aesthetics, but all with lack of space: this way I can cram more of them up there. But the color-combo's have everything to do with aesthetics: I'm quite anal about color-grouping cookbooks (or any other book of my huge collection at home, that is). This is just a little t(r)ick that I developed working in a second-hand bookstore during high school. I found that customers didn't leave a big mess after rummaging through the books when the books were organised by color. Seriously! And that made me one happy little girl, because I could spend more time reading in stead of cleaning. And it looks pretty too!...

2. Most recommended? At the moment I'm devouring the Baking Illustrated or a better title would be: All you ever wanted to know about baking but were afraid to ask. Hereby I dub this book the Baking Bible, because every_single_recipe is in there! Great reading and great illustrations too.

3. Cookbook that made you what you were? Ha, tough one. Probably my first cookbook was a pasta-bible of some sort, which triggered something deep inside of me. I would say Jamie's books helped me on my way a great deal too, but to be honest: I am genetically made to cook. With a Finnish mother and a Indonesian/Dutch/German/Portuguese father, I was born into one big meltingpot of great foodies. It was just gently simmering away to finally burst out!

4. Porniest cookbook? This would either have to be something by Nigella (finger licking and all) or maybe the photo's from the Baking Illustrated. The huge pics of the New York Cheese Cake (page 287) or the Devil's Food cake (page 286) are just plain porno. They want me to lick the book from cover to cover. Seriously.

5. Sophie's Choice cookbook? Not sure where to go with this one, because I haven't read the book! (or it should be somewhere in the piles non-foodie books scattered throughout my house, waiting to be read.)

6. If you were a cookbook, which cookbook would you be? Ha! Easy peasy! See question 3 for more info, but without a doubt I would have to be a fushion kind of, best of all worlds-ish meltingpot cookbook. There would probably be an abundance of coriander, cinnamon and cardamom in there. And also there would be at least one great recipe for a lime-pie and a section solely on chili’s. You probably have guessed that I enjoy reading Tessa Kiros' Falling cloudberries very much: she has a Finnish mother too (with the same name as my mother!).

7. If your cookbook were extrememly valuable, so valuable you might hide it with other valuables, where would that place be? What a crazy question: why hide your books? That way you can't use them!!! But to answer the question, there are only two books I would consider hiding. Number one would be an old Indonesian cookbook from my father: tattered and slowly falling apart, but with clippings and notes put in there. The other would be my cooking-diary, which I have started just a few months ago. I scribble little don't forgets, recipes I tried and tested (and off course tinkered with), I stick wine labels in there, I try to describe things I've eaten outdoors etc. etc. I illustrate some of the stories I've written down and that way I hope to create a lovely self-made cookbook. But where to hide them?....Probably in a safe at the bank or, if I am in romantic kind of mood, maybe I will burry them somewhere on the beach in a treasure chest instead, leaving them to be found by someone in 50 years time to inspire that person to raise the heat in the kitchen as well!

Love, KQ Tai


Blogger Anthony said...

"paste bible"?

15 May, 2005 16:55  
Blogger the Kitchen Queens said...

As intriguing as a 'paste' bible may sound, this is just a big typo. I mean pastA bible :)

15 May, 2005 17:25  
Blogger Anthony said...


16 May, 2005 10:02  
Blogger the Kitchen Queens said...

I know, I know, my fingers tripped over each other in enthusiasm. Would be a cool idea though, a paste bible...working title: "The Stickiest Book Around"!

16 May, 2005 11:01  
Blogger Cate said...

The color-coding looks cool, visually, but I'd have such a hard time finding a cookbook. :0) Like your blog ... welcome.

17 May, 2005 22:00  
Anonymous cooking club said...

Hi the Kitchen Queens
I never realised that so many blogs would show up if I did a search on something like how to cook. I'm still not sure how well Cookbooks galore falls into that category, but I've enjoyed visiting :0) Adios Amigo.

26 October, 2005 08:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Margie - Dinnerware said...

There's definitely nothing wrong with being a cookbook addict! :)

03 October, 2010 18:58  

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