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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Food Fetish

Everybody’s got their all time fave’ food. Food you would definitely eat as you’re last supper. Food you serve happily to friends to share your gastrorgasm. To be short: food you just love to eat. But as good as it may be, this food is probably a bit boring too. And frankly, we’re more interested in the darker side of human desires…

We’re not talking crisp roast chicken here, which almost everybody loves to eat. We’re talking about food you hate to love. We’re getting down and dirty with food fetishes or Things You Wish Nobody Sees You Eat. -Ever-. But you do so anyway.

Of course, nobody wishes to share their foodfetishes just like that. That’s why the KitchenQueens set a good example and get past the point of embarrassment and total humiliation. Check back next week when we will share our darkest food desires. In the mean while ponder about food you hate to love and maybe you will find the courage to post a (no doubt highly amusing) story here too. Anonymity not guaranteed!!!

Feeling in touch with our dark side(dishes),
the Kitchen Queens


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