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Monday, May 23, 2005

Tickle our taste buds

Tasty tasting @ foodie event in The Hague
(as in: not the capital of the Netherlands)

It all added up! A great recipe for a mellow Sunday
1) Inspiring location: The “Kookfabriek”in The Hague. Aka the cooking factory, the place to be when it comes to workshops and tastings!
2) A hall filled with wine makers and there products: our favorite wine shop ( see our WBW#9) had invited a host of befriended wine makers. A great way to really find out all the details from a wine!
3) Nine kitchens manned by chefs and caterers: All the local “hot chefs” were present and were cooking up a storm by making a range of small dishes to taste.
We of course had the grueling task of tasting all that was on offer. Sushi, Iberian ham, Spanish Rose, Quince jelly etc etc it all adds up doesn’t it!


Blogger the Kitchen Queens said...

And please don't forget your great company, my dear KQ Mo! :)
(KQ Tai)

26 May, 2005 00:14  
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