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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Fabulous Fields of Fennel

A sunny spring day in May was host to a fennel feast. The south of Holland is famous for it’s asparagus, served traditionally with butter, boiled eggs, ham and potatoes. But next to this classic this region has a large production of fennel! Funnily enough the Dutch haven’t embraced this vegetable as much as other countries... Which is a pity because there’s nothing like that intense aniseed flavor you get from biting a crunchy piece of fennel. A great veg if ever there was one: savory in soups, great when grilled and terrific as tempura.
So together with a group of foodies we went of to the south to visit this vegetable. After a morning in the fields of fennel we enjoyed a great fennel lunch at a local restaurant. And what a feast it was: fennel from beginning to end, even vanilla glazed fennel slices with tangerine jelly as dessert!
Love from Fennel Friend KQ Mo


Blogger the Kitchen Queens said...

And I am more than happy to tell you all that Franz Ferdinand, our adopted little fennel bulb, lives happily among the other veggies and herbs on my balcony! KQ Tai

02 June, 2005 15:39  
Blogger Clare Eats said...

I love fennel!

I am soo jealous, it doesnt get used enough in Oz in my opinion..

02 June, 2005 17:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vegetables are great, but the Heart Start Defibrillator is better (At saving your life, that is ;) ).

09 November, 2005 05:54  

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