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Monday, June 13, 2005

H2O and yummie things

It was if the weathergods took notice of the plans of two befriended foodies: the first week of summer sunshine was the best décor possible for a girly night out. The Kitchenqueens began their evening with a lovely relaxed diner at Café Restaurant Amsterdam, Cradam for short.

This easy-going place is located in an old Pumping Station: with all that water in the Netherlands, drinking water has never been a problem. But to facilitate the fresh water needs of the ever growing population of Amsterdam, this new station opened its doors in 1900. Fresh water was pumped from the dunes about 25 km away from the pumping station. *skip a century* What a wonderful place to order some water to cool down from the sizzling sun... in the old main engine room of that pumping station.

(Way back...)

The whole place has an industrial feel to it, but not in a high-tech, laboratory squeaky clean kind of way. The interior is kept in its original state: thousands of little white tiles on the floor, loads of pipes running over your head and a few big-ass water-reservoirs. Although this room is quite big for obvious reasons, the simple wooden tables and mismatching chairs give a very relaxed, bistro like feel to the place. The menu is equally relaxed, although it is possible to go a bit fancier with lobster or caviar too!

(and nowadays...)

We opted for a cooling gazpacho and a crisp Caesar salad, followed by confit de canard and a juicy, good old rib eye with béarnaise-sauce. To keep it summery and fresh we ended our meal with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and a Colonel, which is a tall glass with lemon-sorbet topped with vodka. We drank spumante, some red wine but foremost…loads of water.

Out with a splash, The KitchenQueens


Anonymous Margie - Dinnerware said...

Great sounding restaurant. I hope to check it out soon!

03 October, 2010 18:56  

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