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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Paper chef #7: Dates feeling blue

Choices, choices…what to do with wonderful ingredients like these for our entry for Paper chef numero 7?

A sweet dish is the obvious choice, thinking of a moist buttermilk-cake, honeyed waffles or even meringues of some sort (with a glass of buttermilk on the side)…but we went savory instead. May we present to you, the guest-star of this dish:

Our dates are going to feel a bit blue once transformed in our creation for Paperchef #7:
Buttermilk scones with dates, honey and Danish blue.

(Read on ->)

In search of a very proper, very basic (and fool-proof!) recipe for scones, we once again turned to Delia. Her books as well as her extensive website are packed with information and, more important, with loads of recipes. Delia’s recipe for Buttermilk scones with Cheshire cheese and chives was perfect to play around with…we admit we are a bit afraid of messing with Delia, because to be honest, she looks like she would smack you on the head several times with a large wooden spoon if you don’t follow her instructions to every_last_word. We Frankensteined her recipe to our likings nonetheless, but in general we followed her instructions (really Delia, we did! Please don’t spank us…)

Because she explains exactly what to do, and because her recipe can be picked up from the internet easily, we don’t bother to repeat her words. We just provide you with our list of ingredients and leave you with our pictures and the final comment that the scones turned out lovely! The sweet dates and honey work great with the salty cheese…


(makes 6 scones)

A few chopped dates (we used 5)
2,5 tablespoons buttermilk
2 tablespoons of honey
1 large egg

175 gr. self raising flour
Chunk of Danish Blue
Pinch of cayenne
25 gr. Butter


Blogger McAuliflower said...

I do have to say- adding blue cheese to that tasty mix is genius!

I haven't played much with savory scones, but then again they're practically biscuits- which I have dressed up. Funny how the culinary world overlaps and keeps separate.

06 June, 2005 23:49  
Anonymous sarah said...

sounds and looks absolutely delicious...and good job on doing it savory!

07 June, 2005 02:49  
Anonymous Melissa said...

great idea! i looove the combination of blue cheese and sweet together - i'll definitely keep this in mind!

07 June, 2005 13:25  
Blogger Lex Culinaria said...

MMMM.... I forgot about blue cheese and dates until your post. What a spectacular way to use these fantastic buddies. They really go so well together! Well done.

07 June, 2005 14:40  
Anonymous Culinary Fool said...

These sound wonderful!! I'm inspired!

07 June, 2005 15:27  
Blogger chronicler said...

Excellent! We usually just stuff dates with blue cheese and serve them as appetizers. What a wonderful new way of presenting them as a savory treat!

07 June, 2005 18:06  
Blogger Owen said...

Absolutely delicious! I too am going to have to try this. Fortunately the family are scone lovers so I get to do a few batches to get it right!

07 June, 2005 19:54  
Blogger the Kitchen Queens said...

Wow! We are overwhelmed by all these nice comments...don't forget your salted butter to go with the scones when you try these :)

07 June, 2005 20:17  
Anonymous Julie said...

I too am going to have to give these a try. I love the idea of some salty, funky blue with sweet and unctuous dates, all wrapped up in a piping-hot scone. And trust me, I never forget the butter...

07 June, 2005 23:36  
Blogger Kimberly said...

These look and sound marvelous! Fruit and blue cheese is one of my favorite combinations.

08 June, 2005 00:20  
Blogger Lady X said...

I love scones, especially with a nice pot of tea! And great pictures with the post! You also got me to thinking about using dates stuffed with blue cheese for a yummy simple appetizer - the saltiness & sweetness would taste good.

09 June, 2005 03:15  
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