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Friday, August 12, 2005

EBBP #1: Cooksister’s Foodiegoodies

Wow! Please do join in the next edition of Andrew’s Euro Blogging by Post (due September 24th) because this first edition was great fun! I had the pleasure to receive a parcel from lovely Cooksister. For the frequent and not so frequent readers of her yummie foodblog, it is off course no surprise that her parcel was packed with South-African foodiegoodies. I would have taken proper photo’s, if it wasn’t for my raging impatience. No time to recharge batteries, must rip open parcel NOW!!! So hence the blurry pics taken with my phone :)

Cooksister send me a load of stuff, so hold on to your hats while you read on....

Pecorino and Peppadew muffins: home made! Cooksister send me the instructions to warm these babies in a hot oven…if I have the patience for that! The first muffin ended up in the microwave in no time, so within a few minutes of opening the parcel, I was munching away. With crumbs on my chin I took a deep breath and a look at the other goodies.

A bobotie spice pack: yay! In the Netherlands is currently an add on tv, which tries to get all of us Dutchies to make bobotie. No harm in that, if it weren’t that we are to buy a horrific pre-fab spice-slush which I know will not even come close to the real thing. So now I have the tools to make a proper one. Ha!

Cooksister gave me some of her childhoodmemories in the form of Wilson’s toffees. 2 for one cent: I can imagine her cheeks stuffed with these sweets when she was in school. The taste is old fashioned indeed: highly satisfying to suck a toffee away. She also send me a current favorite: a Tempo bar. I stand with Cooksister’s hubby though: his fav’ (a Peppermint crisp) suited my taste perfectly.

But there is still more: I also received a guava-dried fruit roll. How perfect! I luuuuurve dried exotic fruits! I just recently snacked a whole package of dried mango away, so the guava has found a good home.

Spices, spices: I never seem to have enough, as I am always buying exciting new combo’s. The spice-grinder she send me makes a good addition the other ones I already have from that same collection. Salt for a whole other purpose was the Rooibos bath salt Cooksister send me. I probably have to donate this one to my own sister, because she drinks Rooibos-tea as if her life depends on it!

When Kitchen Queen Mo (who also, funnily enough has a S.A.-background) heard I received a S.A. themed parcel, she jokingly said “Ha, so you got Biltong”. And I did! I already ate a few strips as it is (yum), and I will be looking into some recipes to use the rest.

Finally, the bottom of the parcel is in sight. And what a great parcel it was! Thank you thank you thank you so very much Cooksister, also for your lovely letter you send with the parcel. You spoiled me rotten and I loved every bit of it.

Love, KQ Tai

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Blogger Jeanne said...

Hi KQ Tai!

I'm so glad to hear the parcel arrived safely! I was a bit worried about the muffins but I'm glad that most of them got there. And makign bobotie from scratch is definitely a lof better than ready-to-heat! There are lots of other curries in the Nice & Spicy range as well - a spiced lamb pot, nasi goreng, balti chicken, masala... so if you like the bobotie, let me know and we'll have to arrange to send some more over! ;-) I'll send you some biltong recipes too - if the biltong lasts that long!!

15 August, 2005 11:27  
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Monday, August 01, 2005


Oh goodygoody!! Kitchen Queen Tai is waiting for a yummie parcel from abroad, because I am participating in the first Euro Blogging By Post. The lovely Andrew @ is hosting this first edition.

What's the buzz about? Well, last Sunday I did some home-baking, a little writing and a bit of wrapping. And today it's a stop at the postoffice, to send out a package with some foodie-goodies to another participant. And I will recieve another parcel back, from England, Scottland, Sweden or France....who knows!

Like the sound of this? Check back for an update on this event or just put the 24th of September down in your calendar: if all goes well, EBBP #2 is already being planned.

This is damn tasty! (Read more...)


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