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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Freestyle lemony dip

As I have recieved a jar of preserved lemons from Andrew, I'll put up a simple freestyle recipe for a lemony dip. He too has a jar left in the cupboard: that's probably why he sent me one for the last EBBP ;) . So, Andrew, by popular demand: dip it!

The idea is to make a kind of pesto: just use handsfuls of herbs (I used a combo of flatleaf parsley, a bit of basil and loads of coriander) . I blitzed it with a clove of garlic, a bit of salt, a piece of chili pepper and a chunk of perserved lemon (give the lemon a bit of a rinse first). Once pulverised, drizzle in olive oil to make it smooth and spreadable.

I love to spread this dip on a hot pita-bread (really thick!!). Stuff the pita with fried, piping hot haloumi cheese* and tuck in.

*Andrew: If you can't get your hands on this lovely cheese, please mail me and I'll be happy to send you a pack! This is a must-try.

This is damn tasty! (Read more...)


Blogger Andrew said...

Oh you star. I shall endevour to make this tomorrow (may even blog about it!) What fun.

02 October, 2005 23:10  
Anonymous Dagmar said...

Thank you so so so so much for the great parcel. I LOVE it! Everything was perfect: the mouse (!), the wonderful jam, the Stroopwafels, everything!!!! Thank you for your effort and kindness.

Take care!!!!

05 October, 2005 00:28  
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23 October, 2005 08:40  
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Anonymous Gary said...

This one sounds a bit risky, lemon dip. OK, I'm game. I'll try this weekend.

26 September, 2006 04:10  
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EBBP #2: Spank you Andrew!

Ha, lucky me! Not only is Andrew organizing the fun foodie event Euro Blogging by Post for the second time, I also had the pleasure to receive a parcel with foodie-goodies from him! And this what crossed the Channel to the Netherlands:

Home made muffins with (my fav’!!) raspberries…Andrew warned me that the muffins might be a bit too moist, but I can reassure him: no worries. I actually think it helped to keep the muffins lovely and fresh on their journey.

Maybe Andrew can confirm me that he received some vibes from me, because that would be a pretty good explanation why he sent me the next item. I had just decided a few days ago that I would have a go at preserving lemons and presto! There was a lovely jar from Andrew! I used it straight away, in a tangy coriander-garlic dip to go with my fried haloumi in a crisp pita-bread. Yumyumyum (but use sparingly). I particularly like the brandname which is Spanks (sounds kinda kinky to me!).

The last item was also a big hit, as I really really luuuurve my garlic. Andrew was kind enough to pack a bottle of garlicky dressing: Harrington’s orgininal Benenden sauce. Again: a hit.

Andrew, for your great organizing skills, the stylish foodieparcel and the fun you bring to all participating foodbloggers: Spank you very much!

Cheers, KQ Tai

PS: Pardon my french!
I forget to mention the handfull of sweets Andres threw in:
"Les Chuques du Nord Délicieuse Friandise Parfumée au Café et Fourrée d'un Onctueux caramel". Devoured on the spot, no wrappers left. Gooooooood.

This is damn tasty! (Read more...)


Blogger Andrew said...

Thanks for the Spank! But no vibes though as I have cold.

Glad you enjoy the parcel and thanks for taking part. Another edition soon.

02 October, 2005 18:43  

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